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How to run a good workshop

How to run a good workshop by Scott Berkun

Workshops are hopeful things. They’re sold on so much promise, but that promise is often dashed as students discover their instructor has little idea how to teach anything.

For years I was a workshop guy. I taught them, I studied them, I even hired people to do them for other companies. I watched many instructors run them and I know the common mistakes. Here’s my best advice on how run a workshop people will love.

  1. A 3 hour lecture is not a workshop
  2. The more students you have, the less of a workshop it is
  3. Work the triad: explain, exercise, debrief
  4. Stay out of the center
  5. Beta test your exercises
  6. Match promises to exercises
  7. Always have a whiteboard or flipchart in the room
  8. The room should look like a workshop when you are done
  9. Build a workshop checklist
  10. Give students the next thing to do after they leave


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