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Metrics to keep a watch

source: Don’t Market Your App If You Don’t Know This – Pirate Metrics for Mobile Apps

Basically the summary of Pirate Metrics is that as a business you need to focus on 5 Key Metrics:

  • Acquisition – how well do you acquire customers/users
  • Activation – how well do you get the new users to start using your product
  • Retention – how well do you make the users come back to your product
  • Referral – how well do users refer your product to others
  • Revenue – how well do you monetize your users

Pirate Metrics for Mobile Apps

For mobile apps, this is what the Pirate metrics look like and:

  • Acquisition – how well does your app’s key idea convert potential users, into users who download your app
  • Activation + Engagement – how many of the people who have downloaded the app, actually open the app and how long do they use it
  • Retention – how long do they actively use your app, after home many days do they stop using your app or delete it
  • Referral – how many users recommend the app to others or use in app invite functionality to invite their friends
  • Revenue – how well does your app monetize

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