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My name is Edoardo and I live in Italy. This is the place where I collect stuff I’m interested in.

I’m a software developer focused on web and desktop data centric applications development using mainly Microsoft technologies (C#, WinForms, ASP.NET MVC) and more recently Java (JEE 1.6, EJB 3, JBoss).

Passionate about server side development, in particular REST web API.

Beginner on Android platform development.

You can follow me on Twitter or know more about me through my profile on LinkedIn.


HTTP is the protocol that enables us to buy microwave ovens from, reunite with an old friend in a Facebook chat, and watch funny cat videos on YouTube. HTTP is the protocol behind the World Wide Web. It allows a web server from a datacenter in the United States to ship information to an Internet Café in Australia, where a young student can read a web page describing the Ming dynasty in China.


OdeToCode – A Software Developer’s Guide to HTTP by K. Scott Allen

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