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BYOD is unstoppable. Smart companies must build apps

This is an old post but I think it’s still relevant.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has gained unstoppable momentum. And thanks to the burgeoning mobile app market, employees have high expectations for these tools. They want an attractive user experience tailored to their devices. In other words, companies need to invest in building apps, period.
During the internet explosion, applications settled on three tiers: presentation, logic and data. [..] the lines between the presentation and logic tiers frequently blurred, and a hard border was created between the logic and data tiers.
However, I believe that the overwhelming emphasis on user experience combined with the impact of cloud and big data will now blur the line between logic and data, and the border between presentation and logic will become much more complete. That concrete border has a name: it is the API. That order process now needs to be available on the web and to a variety of mobile devices, so that the logic tier can be accessible to all channels through the API.

source: BYOD is unstoppable. Smart companies must build apps — Tech News and Analysis.


Android versions – May 2013

source: Android Platform Versions


Rise Of The Tablets

The PC industry has just received a first of the many expected shocks. According to a report by IDC, PC shipments dipped 13.9% in the first quarter this year. That is a massive drop against the much anticipated plunge of just a little over 7% by IDC itself. Personal computers are finally experiencing a slowdown when it comes to sales.

Tablet shipments are expected to cross PC shipments this year. With these results, it seems it might happen sooner than that. Consumers are slowly adopting tablets which are more easier to use, less complicated and at times much more affordable too.

Tablets have been called the future of personal computers and the growing number of tablets available in the market now is a clear indication of shifting consumer dynamics.

2013 will certainly be a year of the tablets.

source: Rise Of The Tablets: Global PC Shipments Down 13.9 Percent


Highlighting Javascript and HTML in Eclipse using PhoneGap

Using PhoneGap for Android in Eclipse there is not an editor with javascript and html highlighting syntax. You need to install JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT) and Web Page Editor plugins.

To install them:

Install New Software -> Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprise Development

then find out and select JavaScript Development Tools and Web Page Editor plugins and complete the installation.


Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Parallel Universe 3rd Edition

Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP Connector) released the third edition of the Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Parallel Universe.

The guide is an action packed booklet covering topics from:

  • Product planning
  • Product development and lifecycle management
  • Market research
  • Merchandising Your App
  • Business Development
  • Distribution
  • Business Models
  • Gamification
  • Customer Engagement
  • Usability
  • Raising Money

You can download your free copy following the above link.