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Highlighting Javascript and HTML in Eclipse using PhoneGap

Using PhoneGap for Android in Eclipse there is not an editor with javascript and html highlighting syntax. You need to install JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT) and Web Page Editor plugins.

To install them:

Install New Software -> Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprise Development

then find out and select JavaScript Development Tools and Web Page Editor plugins and complete the installation.


PhoneGap vs Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator is like writing a native application with JavaScript and the Titanium SDK. Thus, if your goal is to re-use your HTML5 code base across mobile, tablet, desktop and TV then PhoneGap has to be the natural choice. Appcelerator touts improved performance because they compile to native code but truthfully we don’t see many use cases where this is a differentiating factor. Organizations usually choose Native iOS or Native Android over a “Native JavaScript” option. PhoneGap also supports deployments to more device platforms than Titanium because it doesn’t need to compile to a native form. It is probably a more natural analysis to compare Native Platform development to Appcelerator.

sourceMobile HTML5: PhoneGap vs Appcelerator Titanium


My resolutions for 2013

Planning my future goals is always hard for me. I need to avoid the over-commitment. Anyway this is my todo-list for this year.

  • Learning and improvement
    • Android (development and deployment)
    • PhoneGap (development and deployment with PhoneGap Build)
    • REST Services (design and implementation)
    • Continuous Integration/Deployment (practicing)
    • Responsive Design (improvement)
    • Cloud Deployment (mainly on Platform as a Service)
    • Git (howto)
    • Ant and Maven (build and configuration management)
    • Product Management (howto and practicing)
  • Community involment
    • Coworking (participating)
    • Open source (involving in a project)
    • Cohousing (practicing)
  • Personal life
    • Drumming (practicing djembe and balafon mainly)
    • Getting back with outdoor activities (running and skating)

The work is in progress …



Halloween Fun with PhoneGap

About two weeks ago I had a random thought… “Wouldn’t it be fun to build a free Halloween sound effects app using PhoneGap?” (I tend to get excited for any holiday). I had already done a lot of work using sounds in PhoneGap apps with my LowLatencyAudio native plugin, so the groundwork had already been laid. Next thing you know, I’m searching for sound files ( is a fantastic resource for creative commons sound effects). Write some JS code here, add some CSS styles code there, and next thing you know I had a complete app. The best part – this app went from idea to App Store submission in under 48 hours (yes, I did sleep during this 48 hour period). Add one more day, and it’s ready for Android. That is the power of PhoneGap

source: Andrew Trice » Blog Archive » Halloween Fun with PhoneGap.