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Launch of Xamarin Test Cloud

Launch of Xamarin Test Cloud

Today (September 24, 2014) we are proud to announce the public launch of Xamarin Test Cloud, with over 1,000 real devices available to help you build better apps, and ensure they work on each one.

The state of mobile testing today is primitive. Last month we ran a survey that found that nearly 80% of mobile developers are relying primarily on manual testing in their attempts to deliver great app experiences. And yet, more than 75% told us that the quality of their mobile apps is either “very important” or “mission critical.”

We created Xamarin Test Cloud to solve this problem. We believe that testing is not something you should do at the end of the development cycle, just before submitting to the app store. Instead, your app should be continuously tested during development in an automated, scalable way. Your developers should be writing user interface tests as they develop the app, and commits shouldn’t be merged until the tests pass.

Once you have an automated test suite, even a simple one, you can easily verify that your app works on the hundreds of device variants in use by your customers, before you ship the app to them.

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Running a business you worth it

Principles for Running Your Business

To be authentic is to be trustworthy. If you’re selling snake oil, or doing Internet Marketing just to make a lot of money, you’re not being authentic. You’re selling something falsely. And people will figure that out, no matter how hard you try. We have a sense for this, and while we might fall for the sales gimmicks for a little while, we’ll catch on to you. And then you’ve lost the respect of that customer, probably forever. Avoid this by being as authentic as you can.

The biggest obstacle to being authentic and trustworthy is fear. People who are new, and even those who’ve been in business for a little while, are afraid of failing as businesses. So they use the successful people as models, and see how they do things. That means they follow in the footsteps of Internet Marketers who’ve made millions being untrustworthy and pushy.

All of the tactics you see today that are annoying … these came from Internet Marketers. Who got them from Direct Mail and Infomercial Marketers before them. Things like how to warm up your list and put time pressure on them and give them a fear of scarcity and affiliate marketing and pop-ups and free ebooks if you subscribe to my newsletter … these are from Internet Marketers.

When you find yourself doing something because others do it, because the successful people do it, you’re afraid of failure. Which is natural, but not a good way to operate your business. Do things that people love, that change their lives, and you’ll have customers thanking you for what you do.


How to run a good workshop

How to run a good workshop by Scott Berkun

Workshops are hopeful things. They’re sold on so much promise, but that promise is often dashed as students discover their instructor has little idea how to teach anything.

For years I was a workshop guy. I taught them, I studied them, I even hired people to do them for other companies. I watched many instructors run them and I know the common mistakes. Here’s my best advice on how run a workshop people will love.

  1. A 3 hour lecture is not a workshop
  2. The more students you have, the less of a workshop it is
  3. Work the triad: explain, exercise, debrief
  4. Stay out of the center
  5. Beta test your exercises
  6. Match promises to exercises
  7. Always have a whiteboard or flipchart in the room
  8. The room should look like a workshop when you are done
  9. Build a workshop checklist
  10. Give students the next thing to do after they leave



Android Navigation Anti-Patterns

In this episode of Android Design in Action, +Roman Nurik and +Nick Butcher cover their top 10 navigation anti-patterns and provide tips on avoiding them.


Adaptive Content Strategy

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